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NET ORGANIC Skinology 專營純天然、有機產品,以天然美為宗旨,致力發放健康生活訊息。現今城市環境充滿不同的污染,包括空氣和食物污染等。香港的空氣質素差令皮膚受到很多傷害,變得乾燥暗啞。Net Organic希望向城市人推介最天然的產品,由內以外變得更健康美麗,不用再承受現今的化學產品帶來的壞影響。

NET ORGANIC Skinology specializes in natural and organic products. Our purpose is searching for natural beauty. Today, the urban environment is full of different pollutants, including air and food pollution. The poor air quality in Hong Kong hurts our skin so much, making our skin dry and dull. Net Organic wishes to bring natural products to urban people. We care for health and beauty, and try to prevent our customers from the bad influences of chemicals.

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